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About Our Company

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It all started when Anthony Fuller Jr had a vision while still in college. His goal was to create a company that will have technicians with real "hands-on" experience in the IT field, certified at minimum with Comptia A+ and to demonstrate those skills professionally to the workforce. After graduating college from Bunkerhill Community and finishing a Network Administration Program from NTAI, he was able to become certified as Comptia A+, Microsoft Professional and Cisco Network Associate. He gained his technical experience and training thru bid-related contract work as an Independent Contractor with online marketplace platforms in which he maintains currently. Anthony has been a contractor for over 5 years now and looking to upgrade his Sole Proprietor status to become a formal LLC company. His current focus of work as an Independent Contractor is working with data & voice low-voltage cabling; Installation, integration & configuration of network hardware equipment from small to large enterprise companies and also administration of computer hardware systems for ongoing clients in need of computer hardware support.  Through these online marketplace applications, Anthony has been successful in the local towns and surrounding states of Massachusetts of businesses and looking to continue growth in the workforce for such areas. He has subcontracted with a number of "Fortune 500" companies like Verizon, Comcast and Presidio. 

His strive to grow as a small business has gained a number of clients that believe in his work and vision. As a minority-based small business entity, he has been able to connect with people in his community to offer his technical assistance and helping entry-level technicians and potential students in gaining experience thru apprenticeships. He has designed a program that will allow for students to become apprentice and learn the tech industry so that they too can acquire solid skills to work in the market or become entrepreneurs themselves.  Another goal was to become a subcontractor with prime contractors in the local, state and federal sector.  As a result, with years of training, trial-and-error practices, gains and losses, Anthony Fuller Jr in May of 2011 was able to create Fulltec Consultants; the business motto is “Providing Quality Customer Experience”. 


Minority Owned

Fulltec Consultants is a small, minority-owned and operated, HUBZONE certified firm that provides a wide range of professional IT Integration services for small and medium-sized, commercial, retail and community-based companies.  Our focus for today's people is to give each and every one the experience of understanding that we are different from the rest. At minimum, our technicians are certified as Comptia A+ Computer Support Technicians and at our highest level of experience, We have technicians that are Cisco Certified Instructor Engineers. We have over 15 years of combined technical experience that is ready to assist and provide core IT integrated solutions that are scalable as future technologies arise. We as technicians stand firm on professionalism and openness to what our consumers are looking for in technical service support. Fulltec has also provided training for potential students in the field that are looking to get “hands-on” skills before they enter the workforce.


Our mission is to help small to medium-sized businesses operating in specific neighborhoods and serving local communities leverage innovative IT Integrated Solutions and services to improve their ability to serve their customers and maximize profit, within budget and on time. Also our focus is provide a training platform that will give potential entry-level student technicians the hands-on skills needed to succeed with confidence in the IT workforce.

We also have very competitive pricing in today's overpriced market. According to IT marketplace platforms such as Onforce, Field Nation and Work Market, Anthony Fuller Jr, Independent contractor and owner/operator of Fulltec Consultants, has been ranked as one of the top technicians in the market to deliver quality professional IT services to clients. Our company has maintained success with humbling reviews and continues to be a valued resource for services, prices, and quality customer service!

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